Suomen kielen alkeita työhön, Ylivieska & Raahe

Ylivieska (no. 712801)
Date: 11.4. – 6.7.2023
Raahe (no. ________)
Date: 11.4. – 6.7.2023
Basics of the Finnish language for work

The aim of the language training is to learn the basics of the Finnish language and to get a job quickly already during or after the training.

This language training is intended for clients with an immigrant background of the TE office and local government pilots on employment, who don’t know the Finnish language or whose Finnish language skills are weak, and whose goal is to learn Finnish and get a job quickly.

Additional information

Duration of the language training 60 days. The training will take place on 11.4. – 6 July 2023. The training takes place in Ylivieska. The more precise address will be announced by March 17, 2023, when the implementation of the training will be confirmed.

Regarding the Finnish language: the main focus of the program will be on learning the basics of the Finnish language and mastering professional vocabulary.

The supporting languages of the training are Ukrainian and/or Russian, as well as auxiliary languages and multilingualism.

As a result of the language training, the student gets the opportunity to focus on the following areas: agriculture, tourism, hotel and restaurant business, trade, cleaning services and real estate maintenance, and catering.

This language training is tailored according to the student’s starting level, individual goals, and professional experience.

The main content of the training:

– Finnish language

– Professional knowledge; e.g. vocabulary, industry requirements, work tasks, machines and equipment/tools

– Working life certificates/passports (license card training)

– Knowledge of working life (including the rules of the game in the customer’s own or well-versed language)

– On-the-job training, 140 hours.

During the training, the student has the opportunity to complete various certificates needed in working life, e.g. hygiene pass, drinking pass, occupational safety card or hot work card, if they will be useful for the student’s employment. Any official costs related to completing the certificate training remain to be paid by the student.

During the training, students visit companies/workplaces.

Training includes live, face-to-face and distance learning as well as on-the-job training.

More information about the training:

Arffman’s office: tel. 044 733 1500, e-mail:


You can apply using an electronic form to be filled out in Oma asiointi online service, or submit a paper application to the Employment and Economic Affairs Office or the local government pilots’ office. You can access the electronic form from the tabs of this announcement by clicking ”Apply for this training”. You can log in with personal online banking credentials or ID card.

If you fill out an electronic application without logging in, you must confirm your application by visiting or calling the TE office or the local government pilots’ office before the application period ends. You can find the paper application at with the search term TEM601.

Please fill out your application carefully, especially the section ”Detailed reasons”, because those invited to the interview are selected based on the application. The trainer provider interviews the applicants, as a rule, by telephone. Selection of the candidates is announced in person. The trainer provider invites to the training.

In order to be selected for workforce training, your job application must be valid. You can open your job application in Oma asiointi online service. You can also follow the processing of your application in the online service under Workforce training/Työvoimakoulutus > Status of my applications.

Please note that the training application is binding and it or participation in the interview or training cannot be canceled without a valid reason. Valid reasons are, for example, getting a job or another training place. You can request to register your application for training in your employment plan in Oma asiointi.

For more information about applying for training you can get the nationwide TE telephone service Koulutusneuvonta, phone number 0295 020 702. 

For more information about the service channels of the training counseling, follow this link

Contact for more information / Для отримання додаткової інформації звертайтесь

Viktoriia Letuta
+35844 766 1318