Rita Sargsyan is getting ready for the YKI test in Suomi-hubi

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Rita Sargsyan is getting ready for the YKI test in Suomi-hubi

ー Studying Finnish in Suomi-hubi feels easy. It is light and fun, not that hard at all as I feared at first, says Rita Sargsyan.

Rita Sargsyan was introduced to Finland and the Finnish language for the first time 8 years ago, and 5 years ago she moved to Finland from Russia. When Rita’s husband suggested to her that she should start learning Finnish and apply for Finnish citizenship, the mere thought felt horrifying at first. Nevertheless, after less than a year from starting the studies Rita is aiming at the Finnish National Language Proficiency test (YKI) at the intermediate level. With the YKI test Rita can show her Finnish language skills in order to apply for Finnish citizenship.

ー Finnish is definitely the hardest language I have ever studied but in Suomi-hubi they have good methodology. We speak, we study vocabulary, we write and we study a little bit of grammar too. Speaking is the hardest but the teachers help us in that very well. We don’t have homework which I think is a good thing. There is never such a feeling that now someone is requiring me to do something.

There is no need for students to take their own notes during lessons because they receive the notes from the teacher at the end of each lesson in pdf format. The notes can be downloaded or printed. Although the ready-to-use materials from the lessons in the pdf form are good background support, Rita likes to make her own notes. The hands-on teaching material covers practical everyday-Finnish so you will be able to communicate in Finnish outside the home as well.

ー I remember the day when I first read Finnish text and realized that I did understand almost everything the text said. That was an amazing feeling!

In Suomi-hubi, Finnish is studied online with a small group and a teacher. Every lesson is an independent set that is connected to the week’s theme. Thus, it is easy to jump in at any time. Everyone will find a suitable level among the lessons. Rita started in February 2021 from the level Beginner 1 and now in January 2022 she aimed at the YKI test. In addition to Beginner 2 and Intermediate lessons, Suomi-hubi YKI Intensiivi lessons prepared Rita for the YKI test. With YKI-intensiivi lessons, you will practice not only the language but also the task types and answer techniques for the YKI test.


Rita is a Psychologist and a mother of a young boy. She meets her clients via the internet and studies Finnish on a daily basis. Even though the weeks are busy, Suomi-hubi adjusts to daily life based on the life situation and the day’s program

ー Sometimes I cannot join the class due to the schedule, but that’s ok. I can always watch the recording and attend the lesson that way. Online learning is good for me because it saves me time commuting, unlike in contact teaching.

If everything goes as planned, Rita can quit her Finnish Language studies during the Spring when she gets the YKI test results. If this happens, she has progressed in Finnish from the Beginner level to the Intermediate level within a year.

ー I’m already thinking about that time. Perhaps I will miss Suomi-hubi because I have met many wonderful people there every day, and it has become a part of my daily routine.

Luckily there is a medicine for the longing. You can always keep studying till the Advanced level.

What is Suomi-hubi?

  • teaching Finnish language via the internet with a monthly payment
  • You will study with a small group and a teacher
  • You will speak Finnish a lot and learn the language skills needed in a daily life
  • You can study at your own language skill level: Beginner 1, Beginner 3, Intermediate or Advanced
  • It’s flexible: you can attend the lessons according to your own schedule or study independently with the help of the teacher’s notes and lesson recordings

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